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360 Degree Credit Control

The telephone is probably the most effective tool for any credit controller, however, not all of their time necessitates its use. So, is tracking the number of calls made by a credit controller the best Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to use?

We believe that the measure of the number of calls made by a credit controller has validity as a KPI but this should not be viewed in isolation. Rather this should be considered in the round of the profile of the ledger, the queries within a ledger and the nature of the customer base concerned. A minimum expected number of calls may be a better target to be set for the credit controller to achieve based on a combination of the above factors.

Furthermore, customer accounts often require reconciliation work between the company and customer records. This requires good accounting awareness and excellent Excel and communication skills.

Complete account management is required by credit controllers which may mean some time away from pure telephone work.

Welcome to the world of 360 Degree Credit Control.


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