Every day is a new day in the world of Credit Control

‘Every day is a different day in the world of Credit Control’. With the chasing of late payments being integral to the role, perseverance and tenacity play a vital aspect in ensuring a successful outcome and a self-motivated approach always helps.

As a recent Late Payment’s report by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy states “32% of SMEs report that late payments mean they pay their own suppliers late; 25% say it means they have to rely on their bank overdraft; and around 15% say it means they struggle to pay staff or business bills.”  Successful results are therefore at the heart of the team’s business ethos and picking up the phone to clients and sending emails, is how we continually achieve our positive outcomes.

“Working on behalf of our valued clients, I aim to surpass expectations and deliver where possible,” says our Virtual Credit Controller Jacqui Whitbread. “This requires a professional approach and willingness to pick up the phone to directly contact those who are yet to make payment and to exude that will to succeed.  I have also made goal setting a vital element of my daily routine. With over 20 years of experience in Credit Control, I have learnt that writing down each goal and working towards accomplishing these is how you get those big results. This may entail a significant degree of perseverance but it’s always a great feeling when a client finally pays, and you can’t help but feel it’s been a job well done!

Every Credit Controller works differently but with a coffee on my desk and my schedule set for the day, I begin by checking the allocation of the latest cash receipts. Once this task has been completed I get started on following up on the missed promises, the call backs and then formulate the age debt reports to determine who needs contacting first from those lists. I take a proactive approach, engaging with every person I speak with whilst also reminding them of their obligation to pay to the agreed terms.”

Veritas Commercial Services are a Virtual Credit control service located in and across the UK. For more information or for your free consultation please do not hesitate to contact the team directly on https://www.veritascs.co.uk/contact


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