Giving Something Back

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It’s about making a difference”. Kathy Calvin

Here at Veritas we are keen to make a difference.

Primarily this is through the provision of credit control services and/or credit management process improvement projects.

For the Veritas Team,  sales ledgers are living and breathing things. If they are ‘sick’ they need to be made better. This ‘sickness’ can take the form of unallocated cash (or the worse version of that particular disease, misallocated cash). It could be queries that have never been resolved, blocking the release of cash. Sometimes, it can be the people looking after the sales ledgers that need assistance, such as training or help in managing the credit control team. Often, there is a support system for the sales ledger (i.e. the finance system) that is not being fully utilised. It may have a dunning or query management capability that is not being used, this can often prevent the stakeholders in a business having the visibility of what is wrong with the sales ledger.

Therefore, for the team at Veritas, making a sales ledger better is what we do to make a difference.

But there is more to life than sales ledgers and our team also enjoys giving something back to the wider problems faced in the world. We have a passion for education and this being accessible to everyone, without exception. We are also particularly keen on supporting initiatives that support women who want to run a business, to empower them and, in turn, make a difference to everyone around them.

We have chosen our charity for 2019. We are delighted to support the Fredericks Foundation. Fredericks, among their other great lending initiatives, provide loans to women to start businesses; women who would not normally have access to mainstream funding.

“In 2016 in the UK, lone parents with dependent children represented 25% of all families with dependent children, and women account for 91% of lone parents. Many women are also carers for elderly, sick or disabled family members.  For some of these women, self-employment represents the best or only opportunity to work”.
Over the coming year, the team at Veritas will be involved in various events to raise funds for Fredericks and we have signed up to Give-as-you-live for all our business travel which raises funds for Fredericks with every purchase we make.

We believe that you should never be afraid to venture into something new and everyone should be given the chance to experience this, hence our charity of choice in 2019.


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