Is Credit Control a Customer Service Role?

“Sustaining an audience is hard,” Bruce Springsteen once said. “It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.”

Consistency may not sound the most exciting part of a rock star’s life but it is the key ingredient to keeping customers happy. It requires continuous top-leadership attention to drive that kind of rigour. We would go further to suggest that customers should receive the same high level of service and attention – at whatever stage they are at with your business and your relationship.

Sadly, it is all too often the case that the service a customer receives diminishes once the sale has completed.

So, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the customer….

Do we remember the excellent service we received during the sale or the aftersales service or the letters and calls we received from the credit control team reminding us of our unpaid bills?

The truth is that we remember them all, the whole cycle of the transaction, the complete “customer service” experience. We rate our view of the company on the whole service we have received from start to finish.

And now let’s take a walk in the shoes of the sales team…

We have worked really hard to bring our customer on board. We have secured an excellent sale. Our customer is happy, we are happy. Until the next sale. The customer has not placed another order, we don’t understand why, until the customer explains to us the service they received after the sale….All that time invested in building our customer relationship is lost.

So why should the credit control service we provide to our customers be any different to the service provided by the sales team in the early days?

We believe there should be no difference.

We should always be as courteous, as efficient and as helpful to our customer as possible no matter what stage of the cycle we are in. We should cultivate a relationship with our customer that means that the customer enjoys working with us and we enjoy working with them. We then know our customer well and we trust them to deal with us as we have dealt with them – fairly and efficiently. The “customer service” now works both ways.

So back to our question – is credit control a customer services role?

Yes, absolutely!


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