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Look for the Three Cs

Communication in business can either create positive opportunities or become a major barrier to success. Instead of operating in silos, business units such as sales, finance and management teams should be encouraged to collaborate more freely and openly with each other.

Forming great customer relationships is essential for both the sales and credit control team, however the role of the credit controller is often seen as the “vulture” who is interested only in getting paid. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The role of the credit controller should be perfectly aligned with Sales – to assist in developing the customer relationship.

Customers find it harder to avoid dealing with payment of an account where they have a personal relationship with the credit controller. A good credit control resource will always focus on developing the customer relationship further for the benefit of the business.

When choosing an outsourced credit control solution, always look for mastery of the three Cs: Communication, Collaboration and Control.


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