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Targeting Success

Credit controllers are naturally target driven people and love a challenge!

But how many credit controllers are privy to the financial targets of the business or indeed any targets set by their funder?

In order to gain optimal performance, it is vitally important that the credit controller knows what they are working towards. Share the information with them and then watch them strive to achieve those goals!

The level of satisfaction and ownership to hit and beat these targets is a strong motivating factor for good credit controllers. The passion that is born in a credit controller to get a debt paid will naturally follow through to their passion to achieve the business targets.

We would like to take you back to how this series of blogs began by revisiting our initial question: “My credit controller doesn’t need to know any more than the value of the invoice outstanding on the sales ledger that they will be collecting – right?”

We hope this series has dispelled some of the myths surrounding credit control and has highlighted how multi-dimensional the role has become today. The work is involved, varied, technical, challenging and rewarding in equal measure. It is also critical to a company’s financial health.


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