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Time to Excel

Excel is an invaluable tool for credit controllers in the reconciliation of customer accounts. It allows them to deal with an account effectively and efficiently. However, Excel training is not always provided to credit controllers by their employers.

We see a number of different accounting packages, each with varying capabilities to produce an aged debt report (some are in a more workable format than others), some available in Excel format and others not!

Not every system has a credit control system functionality either and therefore aged debt reports are often relied upon by credit controllers as their chasing list.

Technology now allows export and document conversion into Excel format and there are other useful ways to prepare an aged debtors report into a user-friendly format (e.g. using macros and VLOOKUPS).

How much more efficient would the credit controller be if they were provided with the necessary training to produce a workable report?
Since cash flow is the lifeblood of every business, it pays to train the teams that drive performance.


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