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Visibility™ across the Pond

How do you get credit controllers to collaborate across geographical boundaries – to operate as ‘One Team’?

There’s a lot of talk about removing silos and pooling resources in business but prior to Visibility™ there just hasn’t been a credit control system out there which gives the detailed level of collaborative reporting across offices.

The first transatlantic application of Visibility™ is now live, enabling U.S. and UK credit controllers to collaborate on assignments with a joined-up ‘One Team’ approach. This allows us to add credit control skills and expertise to any assignment in a seamless way, no matter where our client team is located.

Visibility™ has literally opened up the dialogue – right the way across the globe – meaning that the opportunities for credit controllers to work across multiple countries and projects are now unlimited.

Jenny Oldfield, CEO of Veritas Commercial Services, said: “Right from the outset, Visibility™ has always been about the credit controller front and centre, not the software. Clients who are using the system have a central hub where all their credit controllers can work collaboratively and drive actions together more effectively. With everything you need in one place, Visibility™ creates a calm environment, even for the most pressing assignments.

“Previously, we might have used the word ‘remote working’ to describe our virtual credit control solution. However, with Visibility™ there’s absolutely nothing remote about it! Veritas is leading the way in collaborative credit control. We’re setting new standards in terms of transparency and accountability. Powered by Visibility™, we are all ‘One Team’, with one vision.”


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