What Green GB week means to Veritas

“Working in partnership with business and civil society, the Government is introducing the first ever Green GB Week – an annual week designed to highlight the opportunities clean growth offers the UK and raise understanding of how business and the public can contribute to tackling climate change”. Source: Gov.UK

“I work Virtually.”

A statement that often results in a raised eyebrow and several questions centred around the nature of the work and how one finds working from home. It’s not often the topic of conversation progresses to the environmental benefits of working virtually and the Green GB Week provides the perfect platform for this discussion. Giving the Veritas team an opportunity to highlight just how positive virtual working is for the environment:

1. Our Carbon Emissions are super low

According to a recent study conducted by the BBC, the average commute to London is 56 Minutes a day. Equating to 4,343 miles travelled to and from work each year and an environmental impact of;

= 1.73 tonnes of C02 per car passenger

= 0.48 tonnes of CO2 per train passenger

= 0.95 tonnes of CO2 per bus passenger

Source: British Gas

Working from home, means there is no commute and our team are proud to not contribute to carbon emissions by travelling to and from work each day. Of course, we do meet clients face to face and travel is required on some occasions but the fact our team is so widespread throughout the UK means we are never very far away from our clients.

2. We only print when we are required to do so

With many of our meetings being conducted on Skype and email liaisons going back and forth, printing is always kept to a minimum at Veritas.  With 80.6m tonnes of printing and writing paper entering the waste stream each year in the UK (making up 24% of total UK waste) Source: The Guardian we are very hesitant to print without it being a necessity. We also make use of the paper that is within our vicinity, recycling at every given opportunity by writing notes on pieces of paper as opposed to using a new booklet or page in every instance.

3. Coffee Cups are a no go

We love our morning routine of having a coffee but when working from home, the paper and card cups are no longer apart of the schedule. In the UK we use 7 million disposable coffee cups every day – that’s 2.5 billion every year and with this comes great concern surrounding the environment impact recycling these coffee cups has. “Unrecycled plastic takes hundreds of years to break down, meaning lots of it ends up impacting the natural environment”. Source: The Independent. We are happy to keep with our coffee mugs.

4. Our food options are greener

It’s all too tempting to pick up a sandwich from the local supermarket or a take away (complete with the wrapping) on the way home. When working virtually, however, the tendency to purchase packaged foods is greatly reduced. Vegetables, fruits and meats can be brought in one go, minus the itemized packaging, as opposed to ‘on the go’ and not only does one’s pocket benefit but the environment does too.

5. We work on the Cloud

“Studies have shown that a large enterprise that moves its HR application to the public cloud can, in five years, cut its CO2 emissions by as much as 30,000 metric tons. This amount is about the same as you would get if you took 5900 cars off the road.” The Guardian Now half that figure, as we’re a smaller organisation and you know we’re onto an environmental winner! All our business and finance ‘paperwork’ is in the cloud and we are pleased to only own one filing cabinet (and even then … one of its four drawers is empty!)

With ‘Green GB’ being at the heart of the Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy this week, we are joining other businesses, civil society groups and the Government to share our story of clean growth. At present we are proud of our reduced carbon footprint and the environmental benefits of remote working, with our super low carbon emissions, minimal printing, no go coffee cups, greener food options and the Cloud we are happy to join the discussion surrounding the eco-friendly nature of the business.

However, we recognise there is always the opportunity to do more and with a new focus on recycling opportunities such www.RNIB.org.uk and  www.TheRecyclingFactory.com we couldn’t be more excited to be more Green!


To read more about the Green GB Campaign visit https://greengb.campaign.gov.uk/



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