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On 30th June 2021, after 20 successful years in business, Veritas Commercial Services is closing

…. wow… I said it….

As a sole business owner, my business has always come first. It has for 20 years. So apologies for the length of this article but I would like to give it a proper send off.

As a business owner, I had a duty to my staff and my clients to ensure that Veritas was the best it could be. We achieved that.

As a business owner, your personal investment in your business is your energy and enthusiasm to ride the waves of opportunity, threats, challenges and successes. Due to a need to slow down now, it’s time to hang up my surfboard and chill out.

Being in business is rewarding, exhausting, stressful and I am privileged to have had the opportunity to watch Veritas grow from a minnow to a fully fledged business. Every trading year has been profitable (including the last “year like no other”) and it’s been great to share the rewards of that with the team. I know that this has also put me in the privileged position of being able to make this choice, and I am extremely grateful for that.

I have lost count of the number of people we have employed over the years, for our clients. Finding credit controllers with that magic ‘spark’ that makes them special at what they do has been fantastic. And the great team of credit management specialists at Veritas existed because of their enthusiasm to learn something new, every day, and their willingness to leave the comfort zone of mediocracy. I am delighted that the team has secured, or are in the process of securing, exciting new roles and opportunities with our clients.

It all starts somewhere, and I am grateful to both @nick smith and @colin haig for referring those first two consulting assignments to me when I bravely (or stupidly as some said at the time) left a great job at PwC in 2001 to start this ball rolling……

To all those staff I have employed, trained, guided, mentored and annoyed, thank you. Without you, Veritas would not have existed and thrived and I have been delighted to watch you grow into excellent credit professionals. Skills your new employers are now lucky enough to enjoy.

To the clients that have supported Veritas with opportunities both here in the UK and further afield, we would have been nothing without you (you know who you are!). A massive thank you. The companies we were asked to help, we made a difference to, and they are thriving today.

There is an army of suppliers and advisors that you rely on as a business and, if you need great IT support, I would go to @ATG-IT. For accounting services go to @james Fordham and @nunn hayward. And, if you want someone on your team that delivers board advisory support in a pragmatic, understandable, and insightful way, go to @jon Norton.

I didn’t want to sell the business with everything that would have involved. It was not the best option for the team and I am grateful that they agreed with that decision. If anyone now needs great credit management specialist services moving forward, I would reach out to @alex Hilton-Baird and the capable and professional team at @Hilton Baird. We enjoyed sparring with them on the numerous occasions we were competing for quality skilled credit management work.

Although I am stepping down from Veritas for personal reasons, I am delighted to continue my involvement and support of the TMA UK and the exciting initiatives I am involved in there.

I will also be continuing the investment in the Visibility credit control app through @oncloudsolutions. There is ongoing development of the app to meet the needs of business after the pandemic dust has settled, later this year.

So for now…. I am off to learn how to chill out. Thanks for everything, on behalf of Veritas and the team, and thanks for listening!

Jenny Oldfield


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