Breakfast event in Manchester to mark 15th Anniversary for Veritas

Marking its 15th Anniversary in 2016, Veritas Commercial Services continues to lead the way in delivering high performance credit management solutions. The special breakfast event to be held on 30 November at The King Street Townhouse in Manchester is the perfect opportunity for friends and business partners to celebrate the firm’s achievements and view the launch of Veritas’ new brand first hand, as well as having a line of sight into the future of the industry.

Over the last 15 years, Veritas has developed a successful credit management solutions practice that has grown to include a top-tier team of industry-recognised professionals who combine extensive knowledge in this area. These handpicked specialists have brought a great deal of experience and technical expertise in the realm of corporate and commercial finance, all of which has won the confidence of an extensive and loyal client base.

“This milestone is representative of the strength and excellence within our team. I would like to thank everyone for their continued commitment and dedication in delivering first class service and innovative credit management solutions to the market”, said Jenny Oldfield, Chief Executive of Veritas Commercial Services.


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