Veritas Announces the Launch of VISIBILITY™ Phase II

Following months of investment, planning and development from Veritas and our technology partners at OnCloud, we are delighted to announce the launch of the second phase of Visibility™, our real-time sales ledger management and query resolution tool.

The initial release was extremely well-received and we are excited to launch a number of key updates that will further enhance our clients’ experiences of using Veritas as their key partners in credit management performance improvement.

The new release of this unique cloud-hosted software suite sets new standards with real-time credit control functionality, summary level overview and categorisation and one-click cash forecasting. This ground-breaking dedicated credit control system utilises Sharepoint technology in the Office 365 environment.

What’s New?
The personal landing page has been updated – clients will now be greeted by an immediate overview of their sales ledger, with all the information they need ‘at a glance’. The graphs represent their current data and they can navigate simply and intuitively using the task bar.

Clients are also able to access additional functionality from the system. Now, they can save attachments along with their notes in the query log or export their data with just one click.

User Feedback
We have invited selected Finance Teams and Directors of our client companies to participate in VISIBILITY™ Phase II User Testing and here are just some examples of their feedback:

First Impressions
“I used the previous system a lot, so it has helped right from the beginning. However, I like the new version because it’s faster and easier to use.”
“I like the fact that everything is visible on the front page when you log in.”
“I like the cash forecast being shown on the front page as I look at this every day.”
“It’s slicker, user friendly and a better format when copying and pasting data into an email.”
“I can view activities taken on in more detail.”

Query Resolution
“Helps me to keep up to date and progress further with the most relevant queries.”
“I can see how beneficial adding a note or a document will be for query resolution and communication between us and the credit controller.”
“Now we can see all the activity that a credit controller has completed.”
“I like the way I can copy and paste the credit controllers’ comments from the sales ledger and paste into an email in a format that looks much better than it did before.”
“Better interactions with Veritas to resolve queries.”
“When I send an email to one of the sales team showing the credit controller’s comment, it looks professional, it’s easier for them to read and they now have no excuse as to why they cannot resolve the query!”

Reporting Suite
“I really like the new reporting procedures.”
“Good reporting procedures, easily accessible and understandable.”
“Up to date reporting/activity by Veritas helps to provide the information I need.”
“The reporting suite is similar to the old version but much more user friendly.”

Don’t miss out on the revolution in real-time sales ledger management and query resolution.

Find out more about how Visibility™ can benefit your business today.



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