Veritas announces tripartite alliance, making ‘Credit-Tech’ a reality

“The ‘Credit-Tech’ revolution has arrived and we are excited to be at the forefront of these latest developments.”
Jenny Oldfield, CEO of Veritas Commercial Services

Veritas Commercial Services, pioneers of Virtual Credit Control and OnCloud have announced a ‘Credit-Tech’ alliance with digital solutions company, CodeVision to support the technology roadmap for Visibility™.

With both the innovative, bespoke real-time sales ledger management and query resolution software suite, the service provided by Veritas is already setting new standards with real-time collaborative credit control, summary level overview and one click cash forecasting.

Speaking from CodeVision’s headquarters in India, Jenny gave further insight into the new ‘Credit-Tech’ alliance: “The UK and India are leaders in the development and use of digital technology and there is huge scope to learn from each other in blending innovation and collaboration to meet clients’ needs. The India-UK ‘Createch’ initiative has attracted substantial opportunity, media interest and funding. Now is the right time for ‘Credit-Tech’ to come to the fore, harnessing the convergence of experience and innovation in credit management and technology.”

CodeVision’s development teams have a level of business intelligence that is critical to understanding and automating sophisticated IT supported business processes at every stage. As a direct result of this important alliance and as a measure of the progress we have achieved to date, we look forward to revealing further details of our technology roadmap for Visibility™ and the significantly enhanced user functionality in December, one month ahead of schedule.”

The new ‘Credit-Tech’ alliance builds even further on the capabilities of the platform by combining the deep market knowledge and experience of the Veritas team, OnCloud’s visionary software strategy and CodeVision’s agile technical infrastructure development capability to create significantly enhanced user functionality. Together, we are sparking a new wave of credit innovation, focusing on empowering performance, driving new opportunities for collaboration and supporting the next generation of credit controllers. The ‘Credit-Tech’ revolution has arrived and we are excited to be at the forefront of these latest developments.”


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