Veritas launches the next phase of Visibility™, delighting users with powerful functionality gains

Veritas is delighted to announce the next phase of Visibility™, signalling a number of exciting new developments, as clients derive even greater flexibility from the collaborative credit control software suite.

Jenny Oldfield, CEO of Veritas Commercial Services comments: “This month has been something of a celebration for the Veritas team, following an intensive period of user testing and partner technology investment that has culminated in the launch of the next phase of Visibility™. There really is nothing quite like Visibility™ in the market and the enthusiasm with which the system has been greeted by early adopters has been exciting and energising for everyone involved. We truly are fulfilling an unmet need in the market for a system that has been created for credit controllers by credit controllers. The milestones we have achieved this month in terms of the development roadmap are significant and we are building excellent momentum as we approach the wider roll-out of the system.”

Key Enhancements
Over the past few months, it has been fantastic to meet with many users of the system who have been engaging with us on live testing in real-world situations. Through the various sessions, we have identified several key areas of enhancement, which have been implemented and we are excited to share these with you now.

Invoice Date / Due Date Reporting
The latest phase of Visibility™ gives clients the ability to view their aged debt profile by either invoice date or due date at the touch of a button. For clients using confidential invoice discounting, this is a great tool to achieve the required reporting, not only for the Funder but also the Finance Management of the business. As with all of its functionality, Visibility™ makes actions intuitive, swift and simple.

Debt Verification Report
This is a brand new reporting function enabled by the latest phase of Visibility™. Here Credit Managers can select accounts to verify on the credit controller screen and a full Debt Verification (DV) report is made available to the client. The DV report enables the funder to see the results of Veritas’s work as it is being completed by the team, highlighting the transparency of the Veritas service and underlining confidence in the total solution.

Reporting Enhancement
We have listened to our clients’ feedback and the developers of Visibility™ have enhanced the reporting suite to provide the added convenience of ‘export to report’.

Help Buttons
The latest phase of Visibility™ now ships with access to a prominent, handy ‘Help Button’ – right where users want it most – the Home Page. The ‘See FAQs’ tab provides the client with further user instructions, giving them fast-track practical online guidance whenever they need it, ensuring that they are able to use the system to its full potential.

In addition, the new ‘Credit Control Advice’ button gives the client online access to the wealth of knowledge available within Veritas that the virtual credit control clients enjoy as part of their service.

To find out more about Visibility™ and the benefits to you and your team, including the very latest functionality, call us now on: 0330 223 2525 or email us at


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