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Virtual Credit Control

Veritas Virtual™ is a bespoke outsourced sales ledger and credit management service that puts you firmly in control.

You gain all the benefits of having a team of highly effective credit management specialists without any of the drawbacks. We work with you to understand your business closely and ensure a seamless transition, whilst maintaining your valuable customer relationships.

Complex debt. Difficult debt. Volume debt. We’ve seen it all. In every case our clients have benefited from our advanced negotiation skills and years of experience in credit. We also have an extensive knowledge of both the insolvency and litigation process.

  • We are genuine pioneers in our industry, changing the way that companies manage their credit control.
  • With Veritas Virtual™, you’re in the driving seat, by harnessing our resource and expertise as and when you need them.
  • Maximising the working capital available to your business and providing total visibility through accurate and actionable reporting.
  • Service delivered in your company name (white label) or ours, the choice is yours.
  • Tap into the basic service when you need it or select from our additional services when required.


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